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Dec 1, 2012 5:30pm EST
: mr. rothkopf, former manager director of kissinger associates and current ceo of foreign policy. what is foreign policy? >> guest: the fp group is a group that publishes foreign policy magazine. the foreign policy web site, which is now much bigger than the magazine. almost three and a half million visitors a month to the web site and runs programs on international issues. >> host: mr. rothkopf, in "power inc." you have a chapter about a swedish goat. >> guest: i wanted to go back to the sore instory of the company, and of course, companies one form of oar existed since the beginning of time. the oldest corporation that is still in existence is a swedish company that started perhaps a thousand years ago when a goat wandered away from its owner and came back with red horns because it had drunk from a stream that was full of copper ore, and the owner came back and found the stream and started digging for copper, and that became a copper company, and became a company called staracopaburg and that means great copper mountain, and now they're in the paper business but $20 billion a year in
Dec 1, 2012 12:30pm EST
republicans and democrats. it's one of the few foreign policy issues that actually unite democrats and republicans. >> what -- the future of the jews, is your book title provocative in any way? do you mean to be? >> i mean it to be. the question is can of people who have survived calamities for 3,000 years in effect accept success and full integration, and how do you react to that? it's optimistic but realistic. it looks at the demographic of israel and ask whether 2.57 israels can control 2 million palestinians against their will. it looks at low birthrate and the low replacement levels with the inner marriage. it threatens to reduce the number of jews. there were 17 million jews in 1939, in a world of 2 billion. there are 13.5 million because the holocaust in a world of 7 billion. and so it looks at at provocative way. i'm optimistic that we can survive the external theft. the shift of power, globalization, the nuclear threat from iran. the globalization we're not alone, the united states and the west are in the same battles ourselves. it's the internal threats -- the internal co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2